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1uzfe Speeduino Dropbear Ecu and Harness combo preorder

1uzfe Speeduino Dropbear Ecu and Harness combo preorder


For all you budget build guys that what a standalone ecu, and do not want to pay the big bucks, this is for you.

  1. Ecu and engine harness included, wired for the following, no exeptions:
  2. 3uzfe coils
  3. factory ect sensor
  4. ntc air temp sensor
  5. oil pressure switch
  6. factory tps
  7. no iac
  8. non sealed fusebox for easy 3 wire power install

The Dropbear is the latest Speeduino ECU design and is intended as an out of the box alternative to the existing DIY units. It uses the 120Mhz Teensy 3.5 processor board and is fully compatible with recent firmware versions (202103 onwards) and can be updated through SpeedyLoader.

These ECUs come fully assembled in an alloy enclosure and includes the loom side connectors and pins.

Full installation details for this unit can be found at:


  • 8x high impedance injector drivers
  • 8x 5v/12v coil pre-drivers (For use with igniters/smart coils)
  • 6x medium current (2A) outputs
  • 7x analog inputs
  • 4x digital inputs
  • CAN transceiver
  • Onboard VR conditioner
  • Internal MAP sensor (With option to use external)
  • Onboard baro sensor
  • Optional stepper motor driver (Uses standard DRV8825 stepper driver board)